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   Our restaurant (1) is situated on summit of Saint Anna's Mountain within walking distance from monastery (2) and Monument of Silesian Insurgent (4). It is possible to reach Museum of Silesian Revolt (3) during 10 minutes short walk. Our restaurant divides from MOP, placed by motorway A4, in about 10-15 minutes way. During way from MOP our restaurant is first, that is met on way to monastery (2).

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   In disposal of visitors we have big, air-conditioned room, kitchen serving excellent fresh dishes and in front of restaurant we have small tables. It is possible to eat meal on fresh air. Our kitchen offers you both traditional polish dishes and dishes from fishes and venision. We also serve fresh-baked pizza straight from the stove (we do not serve frozen pizza, but only our own product).

   If you will plan longer stay in our region, we can offer you an accommodation in boarding house "Rose" (200 meters from our restaurant). We cooperate with them permanently. It will allow you to make e.g. break in journey or arrive to our beautiful region for several days, in order to tour monastery and acquaint oneself with history of silesian revolt.

   If you want to reserve table, whole club or order meal, you can communicate with us by e-mail or by phone.

ZPORR Investment co-sponsored from European Fund of Regional Development and from means of microenterprises budget within the confines of operational 3.4 of company.

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